“If you are looking for a great Math program in Johns Creek area, check this place. My daughter is six years old and she is learning Singapore Math at least for about an year. Her math has improved a lot. This semester she is also learning accelerate math in school. I am really happy with Singapore Math!!!”

Tina Tsai, Mother of Crystal, age 6

“Before Singapore Math my child had a hard time sitting still and concentrating. It was a problem in all her classes. Singapore Math has changed her thinking, behavior and confidence. She works independently and willingly. It has helped her in her day to day thoughts and problem solving skills. The teachers love the kids and work very well with each student giving them the help they need.”

Denise Zamora, Mother of Emma, age 6

“I was very pleased with their ability to properly assess my daughter’s skill level and develop a lesson plan that she both enjoyed and understood. In less than a year my daughter was challenging her school teacher to keep up with her advancement. A solid investment in her future.”

Eugene MacIntyre, Father of Leilani, age 8

“I am a medical professional and a parent of a 12 year and an 8 year old. We discovered S.A.M Singapore Math an year ago. It undoubtedly made a tremendous difference in their problem solving abilities. Each of my kid is a different kind of learner. My daughter is creative and hence uses visual, kinesthetic and interpersonal skills for learning. My son on the other hand is analytical and hence uses logical and linguistic skills. I had struggled for a long time to find a place where both my kids needs would be catered to. I found that at S.A.M Singapore Math. At the end of an year, I fond my daughter takes on word problems with greater degree of confidence and my son understands the fundamental concepts of math with greater ease.
At Johns creek location, I have found the teachers very involved and communicative with parents. I have received updates at the end of every class. The risk- reward program with points earned and the hierarchical gifts have served as a boost to the inherent drive to learn and excel.I would recommend Singapore Math at Johns creek without any hesitation to parents like me.”

Madhu Adulla, Mother of Videesha & Vishnu

“Before my son joined S.A.M, he had minimal knowledge about mathematics and no interest in counting. After less than a month at S.A.M, my son could perform addition independently, and he is now learning subtraction.

He has also built a lot of confidence in mathematics. He enjoys every lesson in S.A.M, as the teachers are very friendly, patient and passionate in their teaching. S.A.M’s Achievers Program is also part of the attraction to motivate my son to work harder.

I have no regret sending my son to S.A.M, and I thank S.A.M for helping my son to build such confidence in Mathematics.”

Chloe Sng, mother of Jonathan, age 6

“As a parent who is not too fond of the rote learning method, the S.A.M Approach to Mathematics, with its emphasis on a holistic and conceptual understanding, bodes well for me. I have seen the vast improvement in my 4 year old son in his mathematical abilities ever since he started with the S.A.M Program.Coupled with the fun learning methods and highly illustrated worksheets, John is always eager for his next lesson. S.A.M has certainly made mathematics FUN for my son. Thanks S.A.M !”

Jennifer Sim, Marketing Manager, mother of John, age 4

“Before joining S.A.M, my daughter was finding it very difficult when she had to complete her mathematics homework. She found it challenging to solve complicated math problems.

Since she has joined S.A.M, I can see she has become more confident in approaching the mathematical questions and she has been looking forward to the class every Saturday.

The teachers at S.A.M have also been very supportive and encouraging in her learning journey too!

In her last exam, my daughter had a more positive attitude towards approaching the mathematical problems and managed to score very well for her exam.

As we have 2 daughters, we appreciate that S.A.M is able to cater for their individual needs and both of them can be in the same class but on a different learning journey. My younger daughter, aged 5, has taken a great interest in numbers since she has joined S.A.M and she seems to be having fun through the learning too!”

Jasmine Poon, Parent of Helena and Emma Tan