Thinking Math


These days, a student requires more than just Rote learning to excel in Math. At S.A.M, we focus on skills such as Critical Thinking, Heuristics, Logical Reasoning, Meta-cognitive Understanding, Modeling Techniques and Situation Word Problems, amongst others. Collectively, we term this as A Holistic Approach to learning Mathematics.

Throughout our program, from the way Trainers engage students in the Classroom, to the way questions are phrased and how solutions are presented in our Worksheets, we adopt this Holistic Approach. By the end of our program, S.A.M students will be well equipped with an array of skills to confidently embrace future challenges in the world of numbers.

Mathematics is just a tool to develop thinking. When it comes to learning math, it is not enough to understand “what is this” but also “how is this”. The objective is clear, we want a child who can think, not count.